Dr. Mahosh Sharif of Balochistan, who is deaf and hard of hearing, said:

"Because of our disability, our siblings have not only endured ridicule and ridicule, but also obstacles in the race for a better future, which are still coming. I was told that I could not become a doctor and when I became a doctor I was told that I could not practice. While practicing, now there are obstacles in the way of specialization, but in spite of all this, I am now practicing and serving the suffering humanity and this is the mission and purpose of my life. This is according to Dr. Mahosh Sharif, who works at the Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan's Balochistan province, who is more than 80% deaf and uses hearing aids. Dr. Mahesh Sharif has three brothers and he is the youngest of the three. His two older brothers are also deaf. In hearing loss, his elder brother Yasir Sharif is a computer operator while his elder brother Nasir Sharif runs a van service for school children. One of his brothers is a lawyer by profession. Dr. Mahesh Sharif's story of becoming a doctor is a story of great courage and fortitude, which includes his own character but also the role of his parents, especially the Baloch mother and brothers of a traditional family cannot be ignored. "If my brother, my parents, especially my mother, didn't encourage me, I probably wouldn't be able to read," she says. I want to be as brave as my mother. " Dr. Mahesh Sharif says that he became interested in becoming a doctor after seeing his uncle. "I liked the white gown and the ostrich scope. Seeing them, I also decided to become a doctor. For which he worked day and night and topped in matriculation and FSC in school and college. He said that he did not face many problems during school and FSC but during medical college and practice.
"I was repeatedly reminded that I could not hear."
Dr. Mahesh Sharif says that there was a special quota for special students for admission in Bolan Medical College. "I applied for both this and merit seats and I was elected on merit. On which I left the special quota seat for special students. I was so happy to be admitted on merit that I can't tell. I thought at the time that I would still be able to serve the people by wearing white gown but when the classes started in medical college my dreams would turn into nightmares. I was repeatedly reminded that I could not hear. " Dr. Mahesh Sharif says, "I would ask the professors to raise their heads a little or let me sit next to them." I tried to listen and understand his lectures, but he said that I should add Dr. Mahosh Disable with my name, which would have hurt me a lot. "Most of the people did not cooperate with me but some professors used to give me lectures later. Thanks to which I was able to become a doctor. I also had problems with my fellow students. Even during a group discussion of fellow students, when I asked them to speak a little louder, I was told that I could go to another group. In the final year, she says, medical students learn by visiting hospital wards. "Initially, I had difficulty communicating with patients. Then I adjusted myself. When Dr. Ward visited me and I told him the history of the patients, he would tell me that you have hearing problems, then how did you do it? ' Dr. Mahosh Sharif says that I took the seat in medical college on merit and I am capable of doing everything that a normal person can do. "But I was told that the medical profession was not for me. Why am i studying here I have to go somewhere else. I used to say that I would not go anywhere else but would pretend to be a doctor. Not only this, with the help of exams you can do great things. "I was told in the exam that I was copying under the guise of hearing aid." Dr. Mahesh Sharif says that the classes in the medical college were running somehow but he had to work harder than other students. "Before each test, I had to get special permission to use my hearing aid. During the test, I was told that I was copying under the guise of a hearing aid. I was repeatedly seen close to my ears and I could hear no sound. "In the final year exam, I took a special letter. There was a surgery interview during the final year interview. When I gave a special lead to the professors, they started saying what is needed. If you can't hear then this profession is not for you. I explained that I could hear with the help of this hearing aid. "They told me you could hear better. I'm cheating and this lead is wrong. We do not accept that. My interview was very good. I used to get answers to all the questions but still I failed in the surgery.
"My mother encouraged me to fight this battle for the rest of my life." Mahosh's brother Shakir Sharif, an advocate, says that when his sister came in for an interview on the prescription, her eyes were swollen and she immediately went to her room and closed it, but this was not the first time. Over and over again during her studies, she went through this trauma and grief. Shakir Sharif Advocate says that we all understood that then someone has unknowingly said something to Mahosh. "When my mother asked Mahosh about the surgery interview, she kept crying and telling me that she would not take the test anymore. On that occasion, my mother took care of them. Shakir Sharif says that his mother encouraged Mahosh and said that this fight is to be fought for life. "After that, Mahosh not only accepted to fail in the surgery but also re-prepared for the exam and passed." Shakir Sharif advocate says that this often happened not only with Mahosh but also with his brothers Yasir and Nasir. "Abu was not at home for work, so my mother used to take care of us all. My mother is a graduate and she got her education at a time when there was no concept of women's education in Baloch society. Shakir Sharif Advocate says that his mother had given up her normal life for the future of her three special children, meeting relatives and visiting her grandfather's house. Mahesh Sharif's father Muhammad Sharif Naz is a retired superintendent engineer from the Balochistan Department of Communications and Works. He is suffering from blood cancer and is currently undergoing treatment in Karachi. Shakir Sharif Advocate says that when it was found out that our father has blood cancer, I lost consciousness. "It was our mother who encouraged me and my siblings. Today my father is better than ever, so this is also the result of my mother's courage. "The hearing aid is lowered" Dr. Mahesh Sharif says that hearing aids are an important part of his life and without them he and his brothers become incomplete. "I want to study further and specialize. I think the field of radiology will be very good for me. I took the exam twice for specialization. Both times the examination staff felt that I did not need a hearing aid. My hearing aid was taken down and I was not able to hand over the hearing aid. Dr Anwar Qazi, director general of the Balochistan Health Department, says he will talk to the College of Physicians and Surgeons to find a solution. "There is a difference between a hearing aid and a handset free," he says. Hopefully a better solution will be found. " Dr. Anwar Qazi says, “Dr. Mahesh Sharif is a role model. Getting and passing MBBS is not easy. The courage, fortitude and courage with which they set this goal is commendable. He said that he got the current job by passing the examination of Public Service Commission. She is currently performing well in practice. There are examples all over the world in which various special people have done excellent services in medical and now it is hoped that this process will start in Pakistan as well.

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