Kamli: A love story that will make you smell the stories of Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal

Kamli: A love story that will make you smell the stories of Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal The real success of any film is that it creates a world for the audience in a small cinema hall from which it is difficult to get out even after the film is over. Everyone involved in such a film works hard to achieve this goal and it takes many years to make this world into pieces from the script to the screen but it always starts with an idea. The idea of ​​the main story of Pakistani film 'Kamali' is very simple. It may be so simple that it would be very difficult for another Pakistani director to make a two-hour film on it, but Sarmad Khost has skillfully turned the screenplay based on this simple story written by Fatima Sattar into a complete film. Kamli is the story of Hina, who seems to be living a seemingly ordinary life with her blind Nand Sakina in a house in an unnamed valley. Eight years ago, her husband left the country in search of work and never returned, nor did he have any contact with his sister or wife. In these circumstances, Hina meets Amlatas, a traveler who came to this valley and they fall in love with each other. If we consider, the story of 'Kamli' gives us a faint scent of the stories of Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal living in their own soil. The difference is that this love story of Hina and Amlatas is of today. The storytelling style is also new and the texture of love is also innovative. But perhaps this novelty would not have been so effective if the actress playing the role of Hina could not do justice to her role but Saba Qamar played the role so beautifully that her example is rarely seen in contemporary Pakistani dramas and films. Is found During the promotions before the release of 'Kamali', Saba Qamar had complained in a press conference that according to some people, she could play the same role. However, after watching Kamli, the complaints of such people may also go away because seeing Saba's acting in this film, it seems that she has covered a difficult character like Hina with all her slots. This does not mean that Kamli is a one woman show. The roles of Sania Saeed and Nimrah Bacha are also very important in this film and this role of Sakina, a blind woman, has a very special place in Sania's acting journey. Yes, if there is any shortcoming in this film in terms of acting, it is in the role of Amlatas. This is because it is understood that this is the first full-length film of Hamza Khawaja to play this role. This lack of experience in some of the important scenes and the panic caused by it was very clear on Hamza's face and we wished in our hearts that I wish he had cast an actor like Saba Qamar. Goes In addition, after the first hour of the film, there was a desire to move the plot a little faster. Maybe Sarmad and Fatima also realized this and that is why after the intermission, 'Kamali' slowly started gaining momentum and then suddenly the story took a new and interesting turn. Talking more about the film's climax would not be safe. So it is better if you go to the cinema and see it. The roles of the film's director of photography Owais Gohar and music producer Saad Sultan are also very important in creating this magical world of Kamli based on only five main characters and maintaining the interest of the audience in it. In the mountains of the Son Valley, some frames of Hina's story left an unmistakable smile on her face because of her beautiful simplicity. Such simplicity, of course, comes from a complete understanding of the story and with full confidence in one's art. Saad also used some of these skills in Kamli's background scores and songs. The song of Reshmaan ji, which is approaching the climax of the film, has settled in my mind and after watching the film, I sit in the car for the next few days and just listen to this song and hum it. All the credit for combining the hard work of all these people and combining all the parts and characters of this story in the form of a film goes to Sarmad Khost. Sarmad did justice to this story, both creatively and technically. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Since the release of Shoaib Mansoor's film 'Khuda Ke Liye' in 2007, there has been a lot of talk of revival of cinema in Pakistan, but fifteen years later, people in the industry still have Hollywood and Bollywood. Apart from the demand for a ban on screening of films, there is no clear way to persuade the public to come to the cinema and watch and watch Pakistani films. Formula films continue to be made, but the formulas of most of them have now failed. Therefore, there is no question of running the film. In such a situation, it is foolish to be afraid of new ideas and experiences. This is the first full-length film of many people in Sarmad's team, including the writer of 'Kamli'. These people have not yet come up with a formula. Despite this, together with Sarmad Khost, they have created a wonderful world of two hours, which leaves its mark on the heart and mind and perhaps this lack of experience is the success of Kamli.

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