MI5 secret files Spy ignored over jealous wife's complaint

According to new files released by the British intelligence agency MI5, the agency ignored intelligence leaks about one of the key spies of the Cold War era because it was leaked by his jealous wife. ۔ Harry Houghton was involved in an underwater weapons system in the Dorset area of Britain. He was arrested four years later, in January 1961, along with other members of the so-called Portland Spy Ring. Houghton and his girlfriend, Ethel Gay, used to steal intelligence about British submarines and hand them over to Gordon Lansdale, a GB officer in the Russian secret service. Both Houghton and Guy were convicted of espionage and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Files were released in the National Archives on Tuesday, including letters written by the two to each other in prison. In an interview in 1961, Houghton's wife stated that she became suspicious of her husband's repeated visits to London. Once back from London, he took out a pound note and tossed it in the air. She later helped her husband collect the notes. She said she saw khaki parcels on her husband's desk at home. He opened an envelope and saw 'Top Secret' written on it. Once he asked Houghton why there was a hidden camera on his steps, Houghton was furious.
Houtin's wife also claimed that he once tried to push her off a cliff and once said in a drunken tone, "You know so much about me, I will kill you." EM Fernwell Jones, a senior MI5 official at Houghton's trial, said: "If we had investigated the information we received about Houtin, we would have known the truth beforehand and we would have been able to avoid leaking intelligence." ۔ However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Hussein's government. Houghton's wife tried to inform her bosses. She told a welfare officer in 1956 that "her husband is providing classified information." The message reached MI5 but was discontinued on the advice of the Admiralty. He knew that Houghton had separated from his wife and met his girlfriend Ethel Gay and wrote that the accusation was probably made "moment by moment and in spite of it". Houghton was arrested on a tip-off from a CIA agent in Polish intelligence. The clerk was stationed at the British Embassy in Warsaw in 1952. When he returned to England, they handed him over to the KGB. After Houghton's trial, MI5's EM Fernwell Jones wrote that if he had previously investigated the intelligence, we would have had a strong possibility that he was being treated as a spy. ۔ We should have stopped leaking information four years ago. " However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russia's foreign intelligence service. Houghton admitted to MI5 that he had lied in his trial. It was clear that Ethel Gay had also misled the court.

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